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Bounty Coconut Macarons

Week 10 of Bake Off saw the final three bakers being tested on multiple baking disciplines: the bakers had to tackle puff pastry in the signature custard slice, tackle biscuits in the walnut whirl technical challenge and tackle cakes, pastry, biscuits in the final showstopping dessert tower challenge. The theme of the dessert tower challenge… Continue reading Bounty Coconut Macarons

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Neapolitan Mousse Cube Cakes

The semi-final week of Bake Off saw the bakers take on Patisserie with their signature savarins, a Danish technical construction and a showstopping cube cake. I chose to take on the showstopper challenge this week, being inspired by a strange November craving for ice cream this week. These are my Neapolitan Mousse Cube Cakes! I… Continue reading Neapolitan Mousse Cube Cakes

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Mini Apple Crumble Baked Cheesecakes

Week 8 saw the Quarter-Finals of Bake Off and the bakers took on a whole manner of different desserts! The bakers got steamy with the Sussex Pond Pudding technical, arty with the jelly art design cake showstopper and cheesy with the baked mini cheesecake signature challenge. Not wanting to invest time into learning the art… Continue reading Mini Apple Crumble Baked Cheesecakes

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Brown Sugar Custard Doughnuts

Week 7 of Bake Off saw the tent transport back to the 1980s for 80s week with the bakers showing their signature quiches, technically delicious and demanding finger doughnuts and showstopping ice cream cakes! I decided to make my own version of the Technical Challenge and I came up with these Brown Sugar Custard Doughnuts!… Continue reading Brown Sugar Custard Doughnuts

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TOTORO Matcha Chiffon Cake

Week 6 of Bake Off saw the bakers head east to a week celebrating all things Japanese (whether it did is a whole other issue...!) with Signature Steamed Buns, a technical Matcha Crepe Cake and a showstopping cake with Japanese flavours decorated in a kawaii style! For the first time in this year's Bake Along,… Continue reading TOTORO Matcha Chiffon Cake

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Leftover Chicken and Stuffing Pasties

Week 5 of Bake Off saw Pastry Week come to the tent and the bakers showed off their Signature Pasties, went all sophisticated with Salted Caramel and Raspberry Eclairs and tried their hand at intricately decorated tarts topped with a pastry cage! I tried my hand at the signature challenge of making pasties and tried… Continue reading Leftover Chicken and Stuffing Pasties

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Nutella Chocolate Brownies

Week 4 of The Great British Bake Off 2020 saw the bakers get stuck into chocolate! The bakers got sweet with their white chocolate tier cake showstoppers, showed off their bread skills again with the chocolate babka technical and surprisingly, most of the bakers failed to make one of the easiest bakes out there in… Continue reading Nutella Chocolate Brownies


Carrot Cake Soda Bread

This week was Bread Week and we saw Hermine impress with her smoked salmon soda bread and all of the bakers got creative and colourful in the bread plague Showstopper and the rainbow bagel Technical. I took the safe option and went for the Signature Soda Bread challenge and decided to combine the flavours of… Continue reading Carrot Cake Soda Bread

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Florentine Biscuit Bars

We're back for the Bake Off Bake Along! The first week was Cake Week and I baked my Chocolate Hazelnut Battenberg Cake before the series began and somehow I managed to predict the challenge before the series started so we're starting with Biscuit Week! We saw Lottie got the first Hollywood Handshake of the series… Continue reading Florentine Biscuit Bars

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Almond Thumbprint Cookies

As we head into the autumn months, two things are inevitable: firstly, it's getting colder and the days are getting shorter but secondly, The Great British Bake Off is back. And what better way to make the most of both of these occasions that getting into the kitchen for a spot of baking! I think… Continue reading Almond Thumbprint Cookies

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Chocolate Hazelnut Battenberg Cake

There is one classic British cake that I've still yet to try and it's a Battenberg! I took the classic Battenberg cake, which is usually pink and yellow sponges sandwiched together in a checkerboard pattern with jam and covered in a layer of marzipan, and put my typical Andrew in the Kitchen style on it! This… Continue reading Chocolate Hazelnut Battenberg Cake

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Passionfruit Raspberry and Almond Layer Cake

It's been a while since I've made a layer cake, I've been focusing a lot more on traybakes, simple cakes and cookies recently however I've finally gotten round to making a layer cake again and I forgot how much I love decorating naked cakes! Here is the recipe for my Passionfruit Raspberry and Almond Layer… Continue reading Passionfruit Raspberry and Almond Layer Cake

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Product Review: Cake and Handle Cake Boxes

[this post classes as an advert under ASA guidelines] Many times through my school placements, I would bring cake into the staff room. Usually it would arrive either in an old biscuit or chocolate tub or if I was feeling very fancy, a plate covered with foil or even a cake carrier! I know my… Continue reading Product Review: Cake and Handle Cake Boxes

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Banana Cake with Dalgona Coffee Cream: The Ultimate 2020 Quarantine Cake

It seems everyone was making banana bread back when lockdown was first announced and strangely that was the last thing I wanted to bake. Like with most food trends, banana bread has gone off the radar a bit now and like with most food trends, I get on board with them when it's no longer… Continue reading Banana Cake with Dalgona Coffee Cream: The Ultimate 2020 Quarantine Cake

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Mixed Berry Coconut White Chocolate Muffins

I always seem to have a bag of frozen berries and fruit in my freezer and in the year of 2020, that seems to have been exacerbated. And I've been wanting to throw them into a bake for a while but couldn't really think of a simple and easy recipe that could incorporate them. Then… Continue reading Mixed Berry Coconut White Chocolate Muffins