Handmade Paper Christmas Trees

Yes really.

One of the strangest things that people think I do is making handmade Christmas decorations. I think making your own decorations is great fun. By this I do not mean the whole Christmas tree but just small ornaments on the dining table or in the living room.

The first decoration I learnt to make was Paper Christmas Trees. The best thing about these decorations is that they use leftover catalogues. I learnt these from Hairy Bikers: Mums Know Best Christmas Special and they’ve been a hit with the family.

Start CatalogueFinal Tree

Take free catalogues or booklets from supermarkets or shops when you go Christmas shopping – Marks & Spencers have their Christmas Gifts/Hamper/Furniture/Home catalogues that are a good size. In this case, I’ve used a M&S Home Catalogue. Using catalogues is beneficial because the varying colours work in harmony to provide a striking and unique decoration.



Remove the front and back covers from the catalogue.

Removed Covers

Remove any pages that have ripped in the process.

Calculate the halfway point by adding one to the number of the first page. Subtract it from the final page and then divide by 2. Add on to the first page the number and then press down the middle so it is practically flat. However it doesn’t really matter whether it is exactly half.

Rip the catalogue from the spine at the halfway point.

Split Catalogue

Repeat the calculation this time splitting each half into 2 or 3 pieces, depending on how big it is. Repeating Stage 3, find the middle of the ripped piece.

Open the book up to the middle pages. Fold the right page into the middle, ensuring that the top edge of the page meets the middle.

One Fold

Repeat for every page on the right hand side, taking time to check that the top edge meets the middle perfectly.

Folded Right Side

If it is not right, unfold and redo. If it isn’t in the middle, the final tree will be harder to fold. Do the same for all the pages on the left hand side, again bringing in the top edge into the middle.

Fully Folded

By doing them all like this first, it becomes easier to check whether they are all done correctly – the final structure is very sturdy, and having to bend the folded shape once folded can ruin the shape or even rip the paper from the spine.

Return the tree to the middle. Fold over the creased edge to the middle such that an extra triangle appears at the bottom.

Second Fold

Repeat this for every triangle, remembering to check that it meets the middle perfectly otherwise the final tree will not look polished and professional.

Second Fold Complete

The final stage is to fold up the triangular bits of excess paper. Again, find the middle of the tree. Fold up the bottom triangle so it lines up the base of the larger triangle for the right hand side only. 

Bottom Fold One

Repeat for all the triangles on the right hand side. Now do the left but instead of folding the triangles the opposite way, fold them so that all of the triangles are facing the same way. Looking onto the back of the tree, the right hand side should have a flap. 

Completed Half of TreeBack of Tree

Make another one using the same catalogue. Place 3 thumb-sized pieces of Blu-Tack onto each side of the tree and stick the two trees together, ensuring they are aligned straight.

Decorate with whatever Christmas decorations you want to suit your house.


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