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The Great British Bake Off Series Five: My Initial Thoughts

So The Great British Bake Off is back and the profiles of the 12 brand new bakers have been released and I thought I’d share my initial thoughts of who could win the competition and even predict the top three and first eliminated.

Check out the contestants’ profiles here (thanks to the BBC for the pictures)

Martha is the Bake Off’s youngest baker in history. At just 17 years old, she will be spending her time both readying herself for her AS exams and preparing herself for the tent. For me, perhaps her lack of experience may cause her trouble in the tent but I’m sure that her fresh approach to baking could see her perform well.

Martha GBBO

Finishing Position: 6th

Diana is, on the other hand, the Bake Off’s oldest baker in history. She can draw on many years of baking experience but she could fall at the modern elements of the Bake Off. However being a WI judge since 20, she will certainly have an eye for detail and could perform well in the Technical Challenges.

Diana GBBO

Finishing Position: 4th

Enwezor is a self taught baker and is very determined. His lack of baking experience will cause him problems in the tent, especially during the Technical Challenge. However his work experience in a professional bakery making over 900 loaves of bread means he knows how to make great looking bakes. He could be a wildcard.

Enwezor GBBO

Finishing Position: 10th

Luis trained as a graphic designer so has an eye for great design. His inventive quality will make him stand out in the tent but the fact that he has researched his bakes means he could do well in the Technicals. But the alcoholic element to his bakes could disappoint Paul and please Mary, splitting the judges. I feel that he will do well in the Bake Off however.


Finishing Position: 5th

Jordan is a self-claimed nerdy baker and prides himself on his crossbreed bakes. His approach to baking is accurate and his caring attitude to his sourdough starter, called Yorick, shows me that he knows his bread, which as we know goes a long way in this competition. To have lost days of his life to perfect the cronut shows his devotion.

Jordan GBBO

Finishing Position: 3rd  

Iain’s baking is inspired by his travels around the world. His use of organic foods and vegetarian principals in his baking, for me, could either shake the tent dramatically or go down flatter than an overproved loaf. If the first week is indeed cake, the lack of eggs and butter in his baking could mean he fails to understand the properties of these ingredients.


Finishing Position: 12th

Chetna is my favourite baker this year. She combines both traditional elements from her Indian mother’s recipes and flavours from great British baking. I guarantee that each week her flavours will continue to overwhelm the judges and there is no doubt for me that she will do well in the competition.

Chetna GBBO

Finishing Position: 1st

Claire’s been baking since she was 11 years old and the fact that she can draw on experience and skills from her parents means that she will go far. The precision she has gained from her husband means she will be prepared for the Technical Challenge and even the constant practice of the Showstopper and Signature. And anyone who can take cake to a slimming club is a great person in my book.

Claire GBBO

Finishing Position: 2nd

Richard is another family baker whose strength lies in bread and pastry, which could make Richard a contender but whether he can match this in cakes and desserts, for example, is yet to be seen. He made his own wedding cake; a Star Wars Millennium Falcon cake. He rarely swerves from tradition but there is a perfectionist and risk-taking element to Richard.

Richard GBBO

Finishing Position: 9th

Norman strikes me as a good all-around baker but this could let him down as the competition moves into high gear as people start to fall behind the crowd. His family is rooted in baking and is keen to see that traditional Scottish bakes get revived. He even cultivates his own yeast starters and much of his baking is inspired by French patisserie.

Norman GBBO

Finishing Position: 8th

Nancy is a high energy baker who is now retired. According to her children, she now lives “The Good Life”, which includes cycling, growing vegetables and rearing fowl. Her time in France, renovating a house, has inspired her baking – this could mean her bakes looks great. However not much about her baking is revealed so I’m unsure.

Nancy GBBO

Finishing Position: 11th

Kate own admission of her lack of weighing or recipes when it comes to baking means she could struggle to do well in Technical Challenges but wow the judges in her Signature bakes. Family bakers will always do well in the competition and her creativity means that her bakes could look amazing but whether she can deliver the substance, I’m not so sure.


Finishing Position: 7th



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