Handmade Gift Boxes for Edible Presents

One thing people would never think to do is make their own gift boxes and I’ve found a way to make them not only very easily but as quick and cheap. My little boxes can hold some of the biscuits that I’ve posted before such as Chocolate & Nut Biscotti, All Butter Almond Cookies and Iced Sugar Cookies.

All Butter Almond Cookies Biscotti

If you go to your local pound shop in the UK, you can source coloured pieces of card very cheaply however you can do this with old Christmas cards all the same. I’d suggest that you use a flattened paper cupcake case or a piece of baking parchment to line the base of the box in case of contamination, and health and safety and all that.

[Each sheet of A4 card makes 1 box approximately 11cm x 6.5cm x 2cm]

Take your A4 sheet of card and cut it in half. Use a trimmer to ensure the edges are absolutely straight.

Flip the piece of card over to the undecorated/uncoloured side.

Decide how tall you want the box to be. I’ve made mine 2cm high, which is enough to create a nice rectangular box which can hold the biscuits linked above. Mark a region with a pencil equal to the height of your box from each side such that there are four corner squares.


Using a pair of scissors, score each pencil marked side of the box and gently fold it upwards.

Scored and Folded

On the short side of each corner square, cut along the line up to the border. This creates tabs to glue the box together. Fold the tabs over so the decorated side faces upwards. Apply some PVA glue and then fold the tabs onto the middle section. Use paper clips to secure the tabs as it dries. Repeat for the other side.

Completed Half

Using the other half of card, make the lid by repeating Steps 2 – 6, this time making the box 1-2mm less high – this allows the lid to go over the base of the box without being too loose or too short.

Next, write the name of the person receiving the present on the lid. Have a practice on paper before you write on the card, otherwise it’s wasted. Investigate some fonts online well if you want to make them slightly fancier.

Then complete the gift box by filling with the edible present, topping with the lid and tying the box up with decorative ribbon, one of my favourites is pictured below

Woven Ribbons


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