Handmade Paper Christmas Trees II

So last year I posted a tutorial on how to make Paperback Christmas Trees. Making them again this year, I’ve discovered a better way to make them which makes them a lot less fussy to construct but you can also get a bit of a production line going if you were making multiple trees. Instead of doing a lot of mental maths, this method is many times simpler.


Stage 1: Choose your catalogue

A catalogue that has thick paper, almost the thickness of card, is not suitable as it is a lot harder to fold it neatly so the tree is even. A thin paper is easier to fold, and therefore make the final tree even.

Stage 2: Remove the front and back covers, leaving the spine intact

Any parts of the front and back page that remain on the spine should also be removed; avoid destroying the spine when removing these last little pesky bits.

Stage 3: Find the point about 70 pages in and rip out the pages as a whole.

Remember that this creates just one half of the final tree and most catalogues will create 3 half trees so bear this in mind. You will no doubt lose a couple of pages at the beginning and end during the folding process as well.


Stage 4: Make the first fold by folding the top right corner of the page into the centre such that the original top edge is now touching the centre spine. If you aren’t sure, see the picture below. Repeat for each page, ensuring that the top edge is directly in the centre.


Stage 5: Complete the second by folding the triangle so the creased edge touches the centre. Again use the picture below for reference. Ensure it is touching the centre to create an even tree. Repeat for each page.


Stage 6: Fold up the flap of paper that hangs off the page such that the base is completely clean. This allows the tree to stand on its own. See the picture below for help and then repeat it for each page.

Check that there are no pages that are starting to come loose from the spine. If there are any, simply rip them off and throw them away.


Stage 7: Repeat Steps 3 – 6 to create another half of a tree. Make sure that both halves are same from the same catalogue.

Stage 8: Using PVA glue, or double sided tape, stick the two exposed backs of the trees together. Only put the adhesive on one side.

Make sure that a small bit is placed to secure the tops of the trees together otherwise it spreads and doesn’t look like one tree.


To finish, decorate the trees with Christmas decorations, whether that be tinsel, baubles or reindeer. I like to simply top the trees with a red bauble and wrap one length of thin gold tinsel diagonally around the tree, starting at the top and going around the base once.


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