Rice Krispie Birthday Cake

If you’re a bit scared of baking or have never baked before, I have the perfect cake for you. It doesn’t even need baking but it still is a very impressive showstopper. The kids (and the adults) will love it. It’s my recipe for a Rice Krispie Birthday Cake.

This cake is so simple to make, and incredibly versatile since it can be shaped into whatever you want; in my case I made it for a 7th birthday party. Using other little sweets, such as these tiny sugar coated chocolates, can really heighten how attractive it looks.

You can use other cereals, however I just find Rice Krispies mean the cake is easier to shape into your desired shape. Some recipes use marshmallows to help set the Rice Krispies but once the melted marshmallow begins to cool, it becomes ridiculously sticky and hard to work with and shape, so using melted chocolate is much easier (and has less sugar!)

Instead of shaping it with an amount of mixture, you could make a large slab of the cake, set in a disposable foil tray, and then using a serrated knife to cut out your desired shape. This is a lot easier for easier shapes, but you’ll know which is right for you. Find a template online, or mark out the region before you start the recipe.

There are so many recipes out there but this one is failsafe.

Rice Krispie Cake

2 tbsp margarine

1 tbsp golden syrup

250g dark chocolate – you could use milk chocolate instead

300g Rice Krispies

Decorations – any you want, tiny sugar coated chocolates are my favourite, but you could use Smarties, M&Ms, or even white chocolate

Cover a large baking tray with tin foil and set aside. This will be where you assemble the cake.

Place a large heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water. Put the margarine, golden syrup and chocolate into the bowl and stir occasionally until it has completely melted.

Remove from the heat and add the Rice Krispies and stir until each grain is coated completely. If there is still some chocolate mixture that remains, add more Rice Krispies, since we don’t want any excess chocolate.

Pour out about half of the Rice Krispies onto the baking tray and using clean hands, or two palette knifes or spatulas, whichever utensils you want to use to help shape the cake, begin to clump the mixture into your chosen shape.

For a 7, start with the top line: work the Rice Krispies into a straight line along the top edge and make it the width of the tray. Then with the rest of the mixture, and making sure that the join with this top edge cannot be seen by firmly pressing it together, make the diagonal line by repeating the method, except bringing the Rice Krispies down the tray.

Before the cake starts to set, apply your decorations. I’ve used white chocolate chips to mark a border and then the small chocolate buttons to mark stripes across the cake. The cake goes into the fridge, covered with more foil until it is set.

Once set, the cake should be strong enough to lift of the foil and onto a cake board.


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