Fat Shaming is Not Good. Neither is Juicing. Stop Juicing and Lose Weight Like Me!

It seems that in a society where equality is moving forward, we are going backwards on how we express our opinions. I am constantly seeing tweets and articles about how a celebrity has gained weight and how ugly they look. It’s time this stopped now.

I am all for free speech but there comes a time when saying what you really think about someone’s appearance needs to be tamed. The fact of the matter is saying that I’m fat is really not nice. Besides don’t you think we already know that we are slightly heavier than yourselves?

Think about the word ‘fat’. Yes it’s an adjective but it’s a noun. Calling me ‘fat’ is almost the same as you calling me by my actual name. That’s how primary (and secondary) school nicknames come about. And I’m almost a fully-fledged adult. So I’d think by now I’d outgrown the ‘fat’ boy. Turns out I haven’t. I still get referred to as the ‘fat boy’ and it’s horrible. It completely undermines any form of achievement in my life, whether that be this blog right here or my GCSE examination results. Because I’ll only be that ‘fat boy’.

There’s that common saying in the UK: “Fat people are jolly”. Have you ever thought why we are ‘jolly’ and why ‘jolly’ appears to be a connotation of fat people?

  • Maybe it’s because we are actually happy with ourselves and do not feel the need to look down on others.
  • Maybe it’s because we are eating the food that we like to eat and not forcing ourselves to blend another chia seed and add another scoopful of whey powder to try and make ourselves feel healthier. (Newsflash: eating more fruit might be worse for you because of all those natural sugars. )
  • Maybe it’s because we’ve found a way to hide our emotions behind our fat, so you only see the person I want to show off.
  • Maybe it’s because ‘jolly’ rhymes with ‘ice lolly’ and we’ve all eaten a couple too many of them…

And anyways, why do we feel the need to identify people by their appearance?

“Who are you talking about?”

“Oh that fat guy with the small eyes and glasses”

How about learning my name and sparking a conversation with me instead of whispering behind my back whilst eating your lone lettuce leaf, which you proudly proclaim is the only thing you’ve eaten in a whole 24 hours? Who knows maybe we have something in common?

You’re probably looking for a solution to this problem and really using the term ‘overweight’ is even worse. The words ‘overweight’ and ‘underweight’ put people on a spectrum, the spectrum that defines people as ‘normal’ as if by some miracle they’ve been given a number that lies between 18.5 to 24.9; I am of course referring to the BMI scale. Let me just say this:


And I don’t want to be normal. I want to be myself and be happy with the person I am. It’s a sad day when you cannot live your own life. We’re a nation of large people, there’s no fact denying that. Maybe that’s because




We shouldn’t be torturing ourselves with another smoothie. And on that note, if I see another advert trying to me a Nutribullet, I will throw this blog post in their face. We should just try to enjoy food and not come up with a devilish combination of spinach and blueberries. Take the factor of juicing out. No one would ever make a Spinach and Blueberry Cannelloni, so why do we torture ourselves by drinking them together? It’s almost like we’re a nation of children, incapable of eating fruit and vegetables so once again we have to disguise it in amongst a ton of sugar. Nothing has changed. It’s another fad diet that I am not going to follow.

Blueberries Spinach

Losing weight was once so simple:

  • Reduce the number of calories in and increase the number of calories out.
  • Eat less, move more

I weighed 14 stone (196lbs) in September 2014.

I weigh 12st 13lbs (181lbs) in February 2015.

So what changed in those 5 months?

I attended 1 Zumba class a week – 800 calories burned in an hour


I’ve been going to Zumba for almost 3 years. And it is one of the best motivations to lose weight. Classes are tonnes of fun, you make friends because you share a lot in common and because you share so much in common, you fit in right away. When I knew the moves after about 5 months by heart, I could start pushing myself further trying to reach that 800 calorie burn. And the amount I sweat, I think I surpass that. And it’s not a female thing either. A man came up with it.

I made clever switches in my diet

Simple changes are a great starting point to any weight loss. Try these:

  • Low fat cream cheese instead of full-fat
  • Semi-skimmed milk instead of whole milk
  • One extra piece of fruit a week
  • Bulking out dishes with tinned vegetables
  • Drinking more water

Large to Medium

My old clothes are quite loose and free-flowing. I had to buy an almost completely new wardrobe for myself. Buying new, smaller clothes makes you feel accomplished.

Nothing changed

This sounds contradictory but it is true. I didn’t stop baking. I didn’t stop eating. I made more cake than I had before, see from the amount I’ve posted recently. I just made a conscious effort to watch what went in my body and I expended that energy.


No juicing. No Atkins. No 5:2. No gluten-free. No paleo. No cabbage soup. No chia seeds. No quinoa. No veganism.


Just hard work.

I’d like to thank all those people who called me a ‘fat boy’.

Because today I am a healthier, more athletic and skinnier man.

And I still like cake. In fact I’m sitting here smug having a slice of cake with my cup of tea, only ½ teaspoon of sugar.


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