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Ice Cream Float and Berry Cheesecake Semifreddo

Today (July 19th) is National Ice Cream Day and to celebrate, I’ve got 2 great ice cream recipes.

If you’ve read my posts, you know I take a shortcut whenever I can. I am not the person with enough patience and time to make and churn my own ice cream so both of these recipes use soft scoop vanilla ice cream for ease; if you prefer using luxury ice cream brands, feel free to use them in replacement, making sure they are vanilla flavoured.

The first recipe is a refreshing Ice Cream Float. The premise is that a cold soft drink is poured over ice cream. If you haven’t had it before, your life will be revolutionised by this amazing drink. I associate this drink with America but I first had it a few years ago on my holiday in Hong Kong. I thought it would be apt to give you my easy recipe for a Coke Float and a Root Beer Float. Feel free to mix up the soft drinks and the ice creams to suit any occasion.

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Chocolate Root Beer Float Ice Cream Floats

1 can of cold Root Beer or Coca-Cola

150g vanilla ice cream

Into a large tall glass, or a wide tumbler, add the ice cream, making sure that the ice cream is not in one clump. Immediately open the soft drink and pour over the drink. The bubbles from the drink set with the cold ice cream and the drink is wonderfully creamy and cold.

The second recipe is a lot more interesting than an ice cream float but is an easy to prepare, make ahead dessert and is ideal for parties. A semifreddo, meaning half frozen or half cold, is a partially frozen ice cream set in a loaf tin. For this reason alone, I find using soft scoop ice cream is best for this dessert as it will be very easy to cut through. Any ice cream that isn’t soft scoop, I suggest you make this no more than 2 – 3 hours ahead.


I used the flavours and ingredients from my No-Bake Cheesecake Flan in this semifreddo, so I had layers of fresh berries and crushed digestive biscuits to create interest and excitement. You can also add a layer of grated chocolate.

To make the assembly easier, I whip the ice cream in a large bowl until it becomes incredibly light and creamy, almost like it came out of an ice cream machine. This makes it easier to spread inside the tin. Remember that the tin needs to be incredibly well-lined with clingfilm so it doesn’t stick and is easy to remove.

750g soft scoop vanilla ice cream

250g fresh berries, a mixture of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and redcurrants

100g digestive biscuits, finely crushed

3 tbsp honey

Line a 1lb loaf tin with 5 layers of clingfilm, making sure that none of the tin is exposed.

In a large bowl, whip 200g of ice cream with 1 tablespoon of the honey until it is light and smooth. Pour into the loaf tin and use the back of the spoon to spread the ice cream out into an even layer. Cover the ice cream with half of the berries and half of the crushed digestive biscuits.

IMG_1435 IMG_1436

Now whip 250g of the ice cream with another tablespoon of the honey and repeat the layering process with the berries, biscuits and the remaining ice cream which has no berries or biscuits on top. Cover the entire tin with a double layer of clingfilm and freeze until you need to serve.


When you want to serve, flip the semifreddo out, removing the clingfilm and use a sharp knife to cut blocks out of the semifreddo and serve with more fresh berries and some melted chocolate.

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