Hong Kong Day 2

My second day started at 2:18am when I woke up after a mere 45 minutes sleep. Since then I wasn’t able to get back to sleep and by that time, it was 3am and I took part in the weekly #fdbloggers chat and once that had finished, I was most definitely wide awake and unable to get back to sleep. I had just accepted the fact that I was going to live on 45 minutes of sleep and soon 7:45am came around. It was literally chucking it down and we needed breakfast. We combined a mix of the same food from day one, the Pork Gyozas with McDonalds, this time Sausage and Egg McMuffins with Hash Browns and hot Soy Milk.

We decided to meet up with my great-aunt and uncle in Shek Kip Mei, a fair way from Tai Po so we boarded the train (MTR) to Shek Kip Mei where we went to yum cha (eat dim sum) with them. We had a variety of dishes and some of them I’m still not really sure how to explain in English, but I did take many pictures of them:

 We then visited a nearby shopping centre and there were shops aplenty with food goods. From baking to general home cooking, there was something for every cook as well as some crafting activities for those who want to make cakes, macarons and wedding cakes.

 After we sampled some different flavours of ice cream, including taro, rum and raisin, green tea, rocky road and cookie. The rum and raisin was beautifully potent with rum but the green tea was terribly bland, so mixed reviews. But 5 scoops for $12 (£1.00), we were very pleased.

So day 2 of Hong Kong 2015 is almost over, I hope I manage to sleep for slightly longer and I’m surprised I haven’t died of exhaustion as of yet. I’ll be back tomorrow with another holiday update!


2 thoughts on “Hong Kong Day 2

    1. AndrewintheKitchen Post author

      Haha yep we arrived on 23rd, left UK on 22nd. You have to go to the ones in YMT and Fanling shopping centre, it’s called Family House, we visit every time we go and ALWAYS buy something!



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