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Hong Kong Day 3

Sleep update: 3 hours, it was enough to survive today walking around the touristy areas of Wan Chai, Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui. We had planned to visit the Ami-Con at the Hong Kong Exhibition Centre however arriving at 2:45pm, queues were long and from where we were, it was around 4 hours until you were allowed in. So we rightfully left for Causeway Bay.

We hadn’t eaten by this time so Blooming Mari, a Korean restaurant, was our next step at Times Square, one of the largest tourist hotspots. Even so the food was delicious and spicy. We ordered food ranging from a Grilled Cheese Kimchi Bobbemkipap to a Cajun Chicken Salad to BBQ Beef Ribs with Rice and Potato Wedges. One dish in particular was way too each, even hotter than my Quick Korean Kimchi!

 We walked around Tsim Sha Tsui until night came; nothing really foodie happened however we did see a Where’s Wally convention and the beautiful cloudy landscape near the sea. Don’t be fooled by the weather, it is truly stunning.

So we had dinner back in Tai Po and we ordered from the same place, albeit different foods this time. I had Lo Mai Gai, a glutinous rice parcel filled with meat wrapped in lotus lead, and a creamy custard bun just for $27 (£2.25). Like much else on this trip, it was delicious.

 Tomorrow we are planning to do a lot of shopping in the nearby areas. Food highlights include the bakeries and a congee restaurant.


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