Hong Kong Day 4

We made a much earlier start today as we headed off to Fanling. After a bit of shopping and looking around, we decided to take a seat in the congee restaurant. Congee is a rice porridge that can be pretty much be flavoured with anything, from pork to beef to fish to preserved eggs. I went with beef congee which tasted fine however the beef was in large chunks and was quite difficult to eat. We also ordered stir-fried noodles and Jar Leung, which is a fried dough stick encased in Cheung Fun, a steamed rice flour batter roll.  
 But the Chinese supermarkets were the highlight of today. They have a huge range of fresh produce as well as freshly prepared dishes for dinner. This is because Hong Kong is a eating out place, the housing is small and so the kitchen is literally there to store utensils and isn’t really there for cooking. Hence they go out to eat or bring food back. In the supermarkets we visited, there was a whole range of fresh fruits, oysters, cooked meats and sushi all on offer.    

 As well as the supermarkets, we visited the bakeries. I tweeted this picture earlier on today saying how I was surprised that Chinese bakeries offered rye breads and Pain de Campagne yet the queues for this bakery were out of the door! In another bakery we bought an Apple and Cream Cheese Danish and a Japanese Pork Fillet Bun, all of which were delicious! 


That’s Day 4 over, it’s crazy to believe that 4 days have passed. And if you’re keeping up with the sleep updates, I migrated from sofa to bed and got 7 hours sleep!

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