Food Travels

Hong Kong Day 5 

I have to admit there wasn’t much foodie today as we returned to the Anime Convention in Wan Chai, although we did get a lot of freebies including toys, mouse mats and potrtable phone chargers.

The main foodie part of today was visiting bakeries again. This bakery was unlike any back in Tai Po and the range of products on offer were different to what we’d seen before. Cakes like Steamed Japanese Maple Cakes, pastries such as Almond Danishes and Chocolate Cornets and breads like Japanese Pork Fillet and Potato Bread were all on offer. We bought an Almond Danish, a Chocolate Cornet, 3 Pork Fillet breads and a Chicken Curry Doughnut for $65 (around £5.40). I was impressed with the size of the Danish but it could have done with a frangipane inside and not just almonds on the top. We found the pork fillet bread relatively dry but it was still enjoyable.  

There’s still one thing we’ve yet to try here in Hong Kong and that’s the egg custard tart. I can’t wait for it, the warm meltingly flaky crumbly pastry with the rich creamy filling is so enticing and it’s cheap as chips!


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