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Hong Kong Day 11

For dinner tonight we went out with some close family friends for a Korean feast. Between the 11 of us, it came out to about £12 a head which when you consider just the amount of food we had eaten, it was very affordable. The dishes ranged from vermicelli noodles to bibimbap, from cheesy toppoku to crispy Korean chicken, from vegetable noodles to bulgogi ramen, anything you could want was at this restaurant.


And just when we thought we couldn’t eat anymore (I took my belt off because it was just too tight, but having said that my belt was quite tight around me anyway), they took us to a dessert place. Yeah I know! There were loads of hot and cold dessert and we ordered mango desserts with tapioca balls, purée and juice, durian sago (tapioca balls) and at first we ordered a Green Tea Ice Cream dessert. It was incredibly bitter because of the matcha powder and whilst we did eat it, it wasn’t very enjoyable so between the entire table, we called the same thing but this time taro flavoured which was much sweeter and much more enjoyable. We walked home after and rightly so. The number of calories consumed today far exceed the number of calories used in walking around today.



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