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Snowman Cake Pops

Winter’s coming back round and with the temperature dropping faster than new Adele singles, cake pops are becoming more popular than ever. With so many methods of making them, from using silicone cake pop moulds to using leftover cakes, there is no excuse not to make yourself a batch this year.

WI Snowman Cake Pops

And with that, I decided to theme these cake pops and make them into snowmen. On research, two approaches were common; firstly the pops were the snowman’s head, decorated extravagantly with earmuffs, top hats and scarves and secondly, the pops were the entire snowman, fit with buttons, scarves and hats. I chose to do the second style. I got inspired by and these cake pops were so ridiculously cute, I had to try them.

Snowman Cake Pops

With Christmas around the corner (yes I said the C word!), I chose to use a shopbought fruit cake to make these cake pops, flecked with raisins and lightly spiced. If you aren’t a fan of fruit cake, use any other shopbought cake you want, or make your own!

Traditionally, cake pops were made of leftover cake crumbs mixed with buttercream and shaped into balls before being coated in chocolate. More often, cream cheese or melted chocolate is used to combine the cake crumbs for a better flavour and I used melted white chocolate to both combine the cake and coat the cake pops. Candy Melts are also becoming increasingly used to coat the cake pops, as they are easy to control, already coloured and set well.

One of my favourite Youtubers, In The Kitchen with Kate, used Oreo cookies to make her cake pops. But she also has the traditional cake pops too!

350g shopbought light fruit cake

80g white chocolate, melted

1 – 2 tbsp golden syrup

50g white chocolate, melted

200g white chocolate, melted (or 200g white candy melts)

150g red fondant icing

100g black fondant icing

50g orange fondant icing

Crumble the cake into a large bowl and add the 80g of white chocolate and golden syrup. With a spoon, lightly mix together until the cake crumbs start to combine and it has the appearance of damp sand.

Weigh out a 20g portion of the mix and roll into a ball and place onto a baking tray lined with baking parchment. Weigh out a 40g portion and do the same. Use the edge of the teaspoon to make a small indent in the larger ball.

Dip the smaller ball slightly into the 50g of white chocolate and place into the crater. Repeat for the rest of the mixture. Once the chocolate begins to set, dip the end of the cake pop stick into the chocolate and push the stick into the smaller ball, making sure you go into the larger ball. If the shape deforms slightly, use your hands to reshape.

Place into the fridge for 30 minutes while you make the decorations.

Once the cake pops are cool, dip them completely or use a spoon to cover the cake pops in the white chocolate or candy melts. Place them stick up on the tray and repeat for all the cake pops and place into the fridge to set.

Make the fondant shapes, using the method outlined here. Roll half of the red fondant into thin but not long ribbons and the remaining half into hats for the snowmen and keep under clingfilm until required. Use the black fondant to make 10 dots per snowman and the orange fondant to make small carrot noses.

Wrap the thin ribbons around the necks of the snowmen. Using a little bit of white chocolate to help adhere, stick on the red hat, 3 black buttons on the larger ball, 2 black eyes and 5 black dots on the face and the orange nose in the centre. Return to the fridge to set completely.

Any remaining cake pop mixture can be shaped into balls, coated in chocolate and dipped into sprinkles.

IMG_1458 IMG_1459


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