Happy New Year from Andrew in the Kitchen

2015 has been a brilliant year on the blog. As we approach 2016, I look back on this year on the blog and look forward and setting myself some goals for 2016.

By far the most popular new post of 2015 was published back in October and Giant Ben’s Cookies. With over 200 views in December alone, this is sure to become the most popular post on the blog.


My highlights of 2015 have to be my foodie adventures. In the summer, I travelled to Hong Kong and I blogged every day to account my holiday. There was a lot of food; a whole 13 days of it!


In September, I was lucky enough to attend a filming of An Extra Slice with the Sunday Baking Club. It was a brilliant experience and lovely to meet up with some of the bakers who for so long I had only known by Twitter handles, bundts and bakes.

Sunday Baking ClubIMG_2129

In November, I met up with Tracy and Sandra again at the BBC Good Food Show London and Good Food Bakes and Cakes. Despite the early start to the day, it was fantastic to have my books signed, establish links with 2 companies and meet John Whaite! I’m hoping to attend future Good Food shows and meet up with more of my Twitter friends.


My favourite creation has to be my Intensely Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cupcakes. A sure hit with any peanut butter lover, I created this original recipe for a friend’s 18th birthday and these cakes went down so well. The frosting is my favourite part, combining both sweet and salty with smooth and crunchy, it encapsulates the best of peanut butter!


In 2016 there are a few milestones I want to achieve and I would appreciate your help in reaching my goals:

  1. 350 posts by December 31st 2016
  2. 1000 Twitter followers by December 31st 2016
  3. 25,000 blog views by December 31st 2016

Anytime I reach one of these goals, I will post something special. What that is, well you will just have to wait and find out! Happy New Year from Andrew in the Kitchen!



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