Rose and Raspberry Cupcakes

The next cupcake in my cupcake series is my Rose and Raspberry Cupcake.


I found the Dr Oetker rose flavour at my local Home Bargains and I just couldn’t resist trying it. The phrases ‘a little goes a long way’ and ‘be wary of rose’ seem to go hand in hand. As I have never used rose water in a cake before, I thought that a simple cupcake would be a great place to start. I compliment its flavour with a simple raspberry buttercream.

1 batch of Perfect Vanilla Cupcake mixture, replacing the 2 tsp vanilla extract with 1 tsp rose extract


110g very soft butter, or margarine

260g icing sugar

50g seedless raspberry jam

Sprinkles, the ones I used are from Mamy Sugarcraft

Fresh raspberries, to decorate

Make a batch of cupcakes following the instructions from the Perfect Vanilla Cupcake post.


For the raspberry buttercream, cream together the butter or margarine with the icing sugar until it is light, fluffy and does not taste grainy or powdery. Add the raspberry jam and beat for a further minute until the buttercream has turned a pink colour.

Place the buttercream into a piping bag and cut off a 0.5cm hole off the end. Decorate the cupcakes as you wish. I had a bit of a play with the buttercream and did some swirls. I finished the cupcakes with some sprinkles and fresh raspberries. I also found some chocolate sticks and they add great height to the cakes!

IMG_2555 IMG_2556


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