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Melitimon Thyme Honey: Product Review

I have finally got around to writing up this review of Melitimon Thyme Honey. I established a link with Melitimon at the BBC Good Food Show back in November and you can read about my time there by clicking here.

This natural, raw and premium Greek honey is produced in the upper part of Corinthia, Peloponnese. The website quotes the Thyme Honey as a excellent antiseptic and helps to prevent and cure respiratory and digestive issues. The honey itself is very fragrant and is very distinctive; the thyme, personally, mellows out the sweetness of the honey and makes it much more palatable. It has a wonderful aroma like nothing else I’ve had and I can understand why it won a golden star at the Great Taste Awards in 2015. You can find their website by clicking here.


At £12 for a 470g jar (from, I felt very privileged to be given a small 250g jar of the honey and this is clearly a premium product. I’m not the sort of person who usually pays this amount of money for a premium but I think the price is justified; this is a high quality product.

So to the recipes; I thought about using this in a savoury context with the thyme being a key flavour however I couldn’t find anytime to create a savoury recipe using the Thyme Honey so I chose the sweet option. The honey itself isn’t sweet and so the struggle with the honey is balancing up the flavours.

The first recipe is one I have already posted on the blog, it’s my Protein Energy Squares. I used the honey here to achieve some stickiness to combine all the ingredients together whilst not wanting to add too much sweetness. Using the Thyme Honey adds a lot of depth and compliments the natural sweetness of the dried cranberries. You can the recipe by clicking here.


The second recipe is Honey Yoghurt with Berries. Now this isn’t even a recipe but I’m sure that if I posted a birds-eye view picture of it with 5 raspberries, a mint leaf and a slice of avocado dipped in chia seeds with #cleaneating, it would get over 1,000 likes despite my meagre following. But this is a great versatile recipe despite my cynicism. It can be eaten with fruit or granola for breakfast or served alongside a slice of cake for a great end to a meal. Simply mix together 2 tablespoons of Melitimon Thyme Honey with 150g Greek yoghurt.


The third recipe is a drink that is great for anytime you are feeling ill or a bit down, it’s my Hot Healing Honey and Lemon Booster. That classic combination of honey and lemon gets a bit of a makeover with this easy yet refreshing hot drink that can soothe any sore throat and mend any broken heart (although chocolate, ice cream and pizza are probably better medicines!).

Amalfi lemon growers

This is the kind of drink you could keep in a flask for whenever you need it at school or at work. The one thing you do not to be wary of (which I have done many times) is adding too much lemon juice. The lemon zest, which contains more vitamins than the lemon juice, will infuse its lemoniness into the drink over time which increases the lemon profile. And considering that the Thyme Honey is not that sweet, you’ll struggle to drink a sour drink!

Lemon and honey has remarked benefits; aiding constipation, making you feel fuller for longer (due to the pectin in the lemon juice), improves your mood, reduces bad breath and helps your skin clear. If you didn’t already need an excuse to drink my Booster, then I would definitely try to incorporate into your daily routine. To make this recipe really easy, you can use the amount of lemon juice you get from the zested lemon but squeezy lemon juice from a bottle works all the same.


Into a 0.5L flask, add the zest of half a lemon and 3 tablespoons of lemon juice. Pour in 450ml boiling water and stir. With the same spoon, add in 2 tablespoons of Melitimon Thyme Honey and stir until dissolved. Stand for 5 minutes before drinking.


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    1. Thank you very much for the comment! I definitely recommend it for any honey lover, the thyme adds a wonderful background note to the honey which makes it great for all kinds of dishes. I have only managed to find the agoragreekdelicacies site which sells it however!

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