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Who should return for the Bake Off Christmas Specials?

You may or may not have heard the good news…

IMG_1896 enhanced-4615-1407960875-8

Bake Off is getting 2 Christmas specials!


Whilst it doesn’t sound that exciting, it is because for the first time in Bake Off history, former Bake Off contestants from past series will return for a special festive Bake Off. I have been waiting for something of this nature for a long time, ever since the third series and it’s finally happening.

And although not much else has been revealed about this series, there are some bakers who MUST return for this series – and might I add, they should probably do Valentines, Easter and Halloween specials of this so that everyone gets a shot – and I’m going to tell you who I would like to see back!

Series 1

Ruth Clemens – a festive special would suit Ruth Clemens aka The Pink Whisk right down to a tee! Always the inventive baker, Ruth was definitely one of the best bakers to have graced the Bake Off tent; I cannot recall one bake where she didn’t impress; Paul did say her Lemon Drizzle Cake could be served to the Queen!

Edd Kimber – The Boy Who Bakes was the first winner of Bake Off and has written 3 cookbooks as well as appeared on TV many times. It wouldn’t be right without the first Bake Off champion returning to defend his crown!

Edd Kimber

Series 2

Mary-Anne Boermans – now the author of a baking book, I always remember Mary-Anne for being a baker who pushed the mould on nearly everything she did. From using orange joconde paste to making a Mousse Cake (which she accidently put the wrong way around) to piping ‘Sacha’ instead of ‘Sacher’ on her final Sachertorte, she was one of the most memorable bakers.

Holly Bell – I liken Holly, who wrote Recipes from a Normal Mum, to Ruth from Series 1. She was incredibly consistent all the way through and apart from a love of green (that pesto quiche!), she made a Festive Cheesecake and a Hansel and Gretel Croquembouche so the festive special would be great for her!

Holly Bell

Joanne Wheatley – I loved Jo from the start of the series and she was always my favourite (maybe because she was from Essex!). With 2 cookbooks to her name and an ever successful cookery school, Jo would be perfect back in the Bake Off tent!

Jo Wheatley

Series 3

Cathryn Dresser – it would be winter so unfortunately we won’t hear any ‘fridge and pray’ in the tent if Cathryn was around. Full of personality and infectious charm, Cathryn made it all the way to Biscuit Week before succumbing to Paul’s tricky Chocolate Teacakes. With 2 children, Cathryn would be perfect for the festive special but please don’t serve Mary Berry green carpet!

Cathryn Dresser

Sarah-Jane Willis – if you bring back Cathryn, you have to have Sarah-Jane, their friendship was just so strong on the Bake Off. They even had their own market stall bakery together for a while!

Sarah Jane Bake Off

James Morton – James has published 2 bread books but everyone remembers James for that Gingerbread Barn construction and his Paris-Brest Bicycle but James would certainly liven up the Bake Off tent with his fantastic jumper collection. James has since gotten a medicine degree from the University of Glasgow but I’m sure he’ll take a weekend off to bake!

Gingerbread Barn

Brendan Lynch – we could totally time travel back to the 70s when Brendan’s in the tent! I still love Brendan’s meticulous and perfect bakes from his time in the tent and you can’t forget his Gingerbread Bird House complete with blue fondant birds with mascara and a coxcomb! A fan favourite, a festive special would suit Brendan down to a tee!

John Whaite – arguably the most successful contestant after Bake Off, John would surely take time out of his busy schedule to take part in another Bake Off that is if he’s not writing cookbooks, cooking on Lorraine, presenting and judging his show Chopping Block with Rosemary Shrager, attending food shows and taking photos and signing books or teaching at his cookery school!


Series 4

Howard Middleton – if Howard was to return to the Bake Off tent, would there be another Bake Off burglary? Or would his muffins get squashed? Or would he cut his thumb? Everything seemed to go wrong for Howard and it would be great to see him get a chance to redeem himself!

Custardgate dm

Ruby Tandoh – the author of Crumb and Flavour, Ruby is one of the most popular Bake Off contestants and I think it would be amazing to see her back in the Bake Off tent, probably saying that her bread is underproved before Paul says that it’s perfectly proved.


Series 5

Iain Watters – can they just make Iain do a Baked Alaska please, without throwing it in the bin?

Iain Bin

Norman Calder – I mean is there any reason not to bring Norman back?


Martha Collison – the tent’s youngest ever baker (which now I cannot hold the title of!) shocked everyone when she outbaked Claire, Enwezor, Jordan, Iain, Diana, Norman and Kate and made it all the way to quarter finals. She is a wonderful baker and about to release her first book, Twist! They have to get her back!

Martha GBBO

Chetna Makan – the Queen of Flavour needs to get back in that tent! My bet to win that series, everyone warmed to Chetna and now she’s got her book, The Cardamom Trail, she may be able to knock out former champions with her flavours!

Chetna's Swiss Roll

Richard Burr – currently the only baker to hold 5 Star Bakers, Richard has gone on to release his book, B.I.Y: Bake It Yourself. His signature was the pencil behind the ear but shocked many when he didn’t win that series so maybe there is a chance for Richard to redeem himself?

Richard's Pesto Pinwheel

Luis Troyano – now the author of Bake It Great and the owner of The Hive Bakery, Luis was another of the best bakers to grace the gingham. Creative and made many memorable bakes, Luis would certainly thrive in a festive special!

Luis Entremets

Nancy Birtwhistle – I want Nancy here just so I can hear her say ‘male judge’ again!

Nancy's Cakes

Series 6

Sandy Docherty – it’s Sandy, come on!

IMG_1994 IMG_1996

Mat Riley – after baking his royal icing (this still makes me laugh and cringe), Mat has gone on to open his own Youtube channel – all of his recipes are just drool-inducing, I thoroughly recommend it – and I think he would do great in this festive special!

Mat Cheesecake

Paul Jagger – GUSSET.

Paul Showstopper

Tamal Ray – a fan favourite, Tamal has a monthly Guardian column but who doesn’t want to see him inject more cakes with syrup?


Nadiya Hussain – Queen Nadiya has made regular appearances on Loose Women and read the Cbeebies bedtime story. She’s got her own TV show and a book in the pipeline and she baked the Queen’s 90th Birthday Cake. As the most recent Bake Off champion, she’s got to defend her title!

IMG_1995Nadiya SB Nadiya TechnicalNadiya Happy

Have I missed anyone out, who do you want to see back in the Bake Off tent to battle it out once more?


6 thoughts on “Who should return for the Bake Off Christmas Specials?”

  1. I haven’t seen some of the earliest seasons but this has made me want to go back and watch them. As for who I’d want to see in the special episodes, other than the ones you’ve listed I’d have to say Ian from Series 6. He was excellent and a real sweetheart.


    1. Thanks for your comment! Early seasons of Bake Off are definitely much less complicated then they are now, once the signature was a baked cheesecake and now they have to stack 3 on top of each other! Ian, I think he would be good for the specials!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I think so, but that is coming from a Bake Off addict like me! They tend to have more history sections than nowadays and they don’t feature every bake in the first 2 weeks but it’s still good to watch! 🙂


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