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Andrew in the Kitchen in Hong Kong: Day 1

After an eventful plane journey, I needed some sustenance and the only way I could get that after not eating for 12 hours was McDonalds. The meal I chose was a McSpicy Fillet meal with an Iced Milk Tea and Large Fries, it was just what I needed.
When we got back home and briefly unpacked, everyone else went to sleep whilst I went to the local supermarket to pick up some drinks. It just so happened to turn out that I’d spent over $40HKD so I managed to get myself 2 free 500ml Hung Fook drinks! Bargain!!

Next we went for dinner in Green Code Plaza in Fanling. Getting there meant taking a Light Bus, which for me was a brand new experience! They all sit 16 and are really cheap but you have to shout at the driver to stop at the next stop so these aren’t for tourists!

We went to the Sun Ming Yuen restaurant and had dishes ranging from fried pigeon to a selection of meats and even Chilli and Salt Ribs!

Tell me which dishes you would5!

Let me know which of the dishes you would chooser to eat below! And you can follow my Hong Kong adventure using #AITKitchenInHK!


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