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#AITKitchenInHK: Day 2

Day 2 of the holiday started with me waking up after just 2 and a half hours of sleep (however this is an improvement over the 45 minutes I got last year) which was 4am local time. This just happened to also be the same time that #BakersHour was taking place on Twitrer so I had to join in!
Now being up at 4am, you have to have breakfast and I think by now you’ve started to guess what we had for breakfast. That’s right, McDonalds. Don’t give me that disapproving look, I’m sure that you would do the same at 8am in the morning, having been awake for 4 hours, although the warm soy milk is incredibly comforting in the morning!
We finally made our way out at 12:10 to Fanling where we made our yearly visit to a home store to pick up some things such as stationary and kitchen equipment cheaply. At this point, no one was particular hungry but it was a fair time since we’d eaten and we wanted to try something new so KFC was our next stop. We ordered a few nibbles including seaweed hot wings, mushroom curry rice and chicken a la king rice.

In Fanling, we also visited a snack shop where we stocked up on noodle crisps, prawn crackers (for my aunt) and giant Pocky biscuits. If you’ve not tried Pocky, they are longed dipped biscuit sticks that are a great little snack on the move. These large packs, which are going to my friends, contain 9 individual packs of biscuits and cost $14.

On the way back, we visited Tai Wo Market. Clearly the produce there was fresh as I saw one woman’s bag flapping around behind her every 5 seconds!

Then we went to Tai Po Mega Mall. In there, we found a book shop. Heading straight to the cookery section, which is extensive as you can see below, there were many books on baking which had authentic Chinese recipes that were also in English. Many contain 80 recipes and are written by masters of their trade; so the prices from $65 to $98 are very reasonable indeed.

We also visited the Yata and Parknshop, which are 2 supermarkets, in the shopping centre. One thing that you must understand about Hong Kong is that the apartments are very small, most flats will not have an oven so many residents will go out to supermarkets to buy cooked meats, fish and vegetables to accompany their freshly steamed rice.

We also went past the fruit stand and saw some large durian. I want to know your experiences with durian, and if you haven’t tried it, what do you know about it…

Lastly we visited the same bakery in Tai Po that we went to last year where we got the warm custard tarts from. Now the price of the tarts went up from $2.5 to $3 and considering the exchange rate change, they’ve got more expensive but they’re still just as delicious. If ever you are in Tai Po, head to Tai Po Plaza and find the Ming Dou Cake Shop.

Remember to follow the holiday as it happens using #AITKitchenInHK!


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