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All of our Food from the Past 2 Days: #AITKitchenInHK: Day 8

Here was our food from the past 2 days.
We again went to a Cafe de Coral and this time I had a meat and rice combo: cha siu with red sausage, Pak choi and salted egg with an Oreo Red Bean Ice drink, all of which cost $48 in total. It was incredibly filling which only emphasised my point that CDCs are perfect for a cheap yet delicious and filling lunch.  

We also bought some egg custard tarts and coconut tarts from Saint Honore Cake Shop, which is in our local train station. The special elongated eye shape is their signature and means you can eat it very easily and get an even distribution of filling to pastry – yes I did think this when eating, maybe I should be a bake off judge?

This was yesterday’s dinner. It included bitter melon omelette, morning glory with Chinese cheese, fried tofu with salted fish, crispy pork, salted chicken, ginseng soup, whole lemon fish and mangetout.

Today we went to yum cha with my great aunt and uncle. We had more cha siu and chicken as well as a steamed coconut pudding, beef Cheung fun, black bean chicken feet, cold Thai chicken feet, salt and pepper tofu, taro spring rolls, egg custard buns and pork knuckles. And we also ordered a red bean pudding which was cheaper after 2pm.

 Remember you can stay up to date and read my other holiday posts using #AITKitchenInHK


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