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Buffet at the Shamrock Cafe and 227 Desserts Tavern: #AITKitchenInHK: Day 11

Today was a fantastic day spent with my mum’s relatives full of lots of food!
To start the day, we went out to buy lunch in Tai Po to bring back to our flat. We had a salted fish and chicken rice, a spare rib and chicken feet rice, fish ball noodles and gyoza soup noodles. Unfortunately they swapped my beef ball soup for another fish soup which obviously I couldn’t eat so luckily we had bought some microwaveable dim sum from Wellcome the other night and I had some pork siu mai and glutinous rice dumplings.

 We headed off to Prince Edward in Kowloon to meet up with my mum’s family before heading off to 227 Desserts Tavern along Fa Yuen Street. I’m still not entirely sure what we ate but I know we had a sago and red bean ice cream, a mango crushed ice, green tea pudding with red bean crushed ice, milk pudding with red bean crushed ice and some glutinous rice balls.


 For dinner, we headed into Jordan and went to the Shamrock Cafe above the Shamrock Hotel. It was a buffet restaurant where you ordered a main course but you could help yourself to soups, salads, dessert and drinks. I had missed having Western food so I made the most of my money by creating many salads to accompany my meal!

There were many different leaves such as lollo rosso, frissee, jade peashoots, red chicory and rocket as well as 4 different dressings ranging from Caesar to thousand island to a simple vinaigrette to a pear and black truffle dressing. There were also herb croutons, crispy bacon and Parmesan on the side. Here were the salads I ended up with:

 For mains, we had a range of choices on our table; lamb chops, New Zealand sirloin steak, US tenderloin and the chef’s special which was a fish dish.

 Then it came to the dessert buffet. As a self-proclaiming dessert connoisseur, I got some of everything they had to try. The first plate I got had pancakes with peanut butter drizzle, a piece of chocolate Swiss roll and tiramisu. I didn’t particularly rate the Swiss roll or tiramisu mainly because the balance of flavours weren’t right and the cream wasn’t sweetened in both instances.

The second plate I got had New York Cheesecake, Fruit tarts and a Blueberry Mousse Cake. The cheesecake had the sour cream topping which was in perfect contrast to the cheesy filling but the biscuit to filling ratio was off. The fruit tarts looked fantastic but they weren’t impressive; the pastry wasn’t golden and remained quite soft although it was short. The cream must have come out of a can too! The mousse cake was quite unforgettable as it has no mouthfeel.

My third set of desserts were the soups and jellies. I had a bowl of grass jelly with evaporated milk which is essentially a black jelly and you can find it in Asian supermarkets at home! I also had a bowl of sweet red bean soup which had sago and gingko nuts in it. It had the perfect balance of sweetness and was one of the better desserts. Then we tried a fresh waffle with cinnamon sugar and syrup and a red bean pudding which is often served at dim sum.

All in all, for the amount of food we all ate – the salads alone were worth it as well as the bread toasting conveyor machine which I was loving playing with and being in charge of (I had 8 pieces of garlic bread in there at once and I was mastering flipping the toasted side around putting it back in while the next one came out) – the prices were very reasonable! My sirloin steak meal came to $238HKD which is around £23.

Remember you can stay up to date with my holiday as it happens and read all of the posts using #AITKitchenInHK!


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