Bargain Baking Tin Heaven in Yau Ma Tei and Desserts: #AITKitchenInHK: Day 12

Here’s another day that’s just full of food. We started today with our favourite, a McDonalds. Once again I had the McSpicy meal simply because the burger itself cost $18 but the meal cost $23 so I got an iced milk tea and fries for an extra $5. Somehow we managed to get an extra Quarter Pounder with Cheese meal with our order but we didn’t complain one bit. 

Later on in the day we went to Yau Ma Tei and Shanghai Street. It is known for its abundance of kitchen shops great for picking up some bargains. The easiest way to get to Shanghai Street is heading to Yau Ma Tei train station and going through Exit C into Man Ming Lane. Once you are out of the station, do a U-Turn and cross 2 roads and then turn left. In the Chan Chi Kee (I think) shop, you can find fantastic products. There I picked up 6 brioche flower moulds and 6 savarins and 103 paper cupcakes cups for $92 in total.

 We walked around the area for a while and we walked into one shop that was selling bamboo steamers. As I walked in, I found some plastic rose chocolate moulds and some plastic gold ingot moulds that were $7 (70p) each so I gave in and bought 4 in total.

We then made our way along Nathan Road towards Mong Kok and we found ourselves in Ladies Market, a tourist hotspot. And by hotspot I mean we were dripping with sweat between the fake Louis Vuitton wallets and the iPhone cases. It was so hot that we stopped off in McDonalds to get a Peach Tea Frappe from the McCafe.

Then we took the train to Sham Shui Po and Apliu Flea Market which is a technology haven; find everything from SIM cards to phone cases to drills all on the cheap. Keep walking along the market and you find yourself in West Kowloon in the Dragon Centre. With 6 floors to walk on, you can find lots of shops to walk in including lots of little shops in the Apple Market (not related to technology) including a baking shop on the 7th floor and a food court on the top floor. In that shop, all the silicon moulds were $12 each so I just couldn’t resist buying some silicon hemisphere moulds!

 Afterwards we went to dinner with my mum’s cousins and family. We had a lot of good food which strangely all arrived at the same time so the table was full after just half the food had arrived! 

Then we headed to ANOTHER dessert eatery. This time it wasn’t crushed ice but it was Western style desserts such as lava cakes, pannacottas, soufflés and millefeuilles. We had a selection of different fondants; banana with chocolate ice cream, double chocolate and an alcoholic chocolate one. Then we had a mango and a rose souffle. The fondants desserts were fantastic and out of this world; my banana one was wonderful and although it was likely to be banana extract rather than fresh banana, it was still pleasant to eat. All the desserts were freshly prepared too, you could see the soufflés being put into the ovens!


All in all, Day 12 had to be my favourite day thus far, despite the intense sweating in Mong Kok and Sham Shui Po. My holiday is soon coming to an end and we’ll be back in the UK on Thursday morning which means catching up on Quantico, Celebrity MasterChef, Big Brother and Eastenders! Remember you can stay up to date with my holiday and posts using #AITKitchenInHK!


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