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My Initial Thoughts on The Great British Bake Off Contestants

With just 5 days to go until the new series of The Great British Bake Off starts, I’m going to once again do my annual prediction of the final rankings. My track record hasn’t been brilliant but that will never stop me trying; like the National Lottery!

Below are the order I think the bakers will finish in from top to bottom. Please remember this is an opinion post and no offence is intended. These opinions are formed from the information from their biographies and what I’ve briefly seen of them in the trailer.



Something about Val reminds me of Nancy Birtwhistle who won Series Five. She can draw on a ton of experience from being in charge of the kitchen for over 60 years! What warms me to Val is that she incorporates baking into her teaching so that the children can love it as much as she does. What a fantastic woman! What’s more, she does aerobics whilst waiting for her bread to prove! I will be gutted if we don’t see that in the tent! And to quote her bio, “she can make the classics with her eyes closed”, so if she’s not the one to watch out for, I don’t know who is!

Andrew – @cakesmyth

Andrew GBBO

An intelligent studious guy, Andrew strikes me as an adventurous baker who fundamentally bakes the classics which he gets from his mum and gran yet will produce elaborate and stunning looking showstoppers; the mere mention of a baguette concorde in his bio is evidence of this! I think Andrew has what it takes to go all the way to the final!



You get the feeling that Kate knows what she’s doing in the kitchen. She instantly reminded me of Ruth Clemens, Holly Bell, Brendan Lynch, Kimberley Wilson, Luis Troyano and Tamal Ray and by that, I mean she will be good at almost every week with just a tiny mishap near the start. With that, Kate is dangerous. She works with sugarpaste into the daylight hours crafting all manner of sugar decorations suggesting that she has a good eye for decoration. There’s no doubt that she will handle the pressure well, being a nurse after all, so I think that Kate will go far.

Tom – @Tom_gilliford


Tom’s bio made me smile the most mainly for the fact that he will sit down and reevaluate his work-life balance if he doesn’t have time to bake. What a man! Not only that, he believes in “everything in moderation” after having lost 30kg! This is inspiring and that’s pushed Tom up in my rankings. But in terms of baking, I think Tom knows his way around all the disciplines and will have a somewhat scientific approach to his baking and will be consistent each week.

Louise – @LouBaraDa

Louise GBBO

The experimentation with bread suggest that Louise knows what she’s doing with the oven. Historically, bakers who are good in Bread Week get very far in the competition – think back to Edd Kimber, Jo Wheatley and John Whaite, all of whom won the Bake Off – and this makes Louise dangerous. Much like Andrew, she likes elaborate designs which could make Louise the dark horse!

Benjamina – @bakedbybenji

Benjamina GBBO

Benjamin could definitely whip up a storm in the Bake Off tent with her modern style of simple flavoured bakes. She has an advantage with her love for following the latest trends which could make her bakes stand out in the tent but how will Paul and Mary respond to these trends? The perfectionism in Benjamin could push her to thrive in showstoppers but dwindle chances of success in technicals.

Jane – @Janebbakes


Jane’s been baking for a long time and draws on her experiences watching her family in the bakery. The fact that Jane will bake bread fresh most mornings suggests that she is not to be messed with! Sticking to the classics could be advantageous for Jane as she knows they will be loved but she could also fall victim to the Norman-trap when he didn’t push his boundaries!

Michael – @michaelgeo96

Michael GBBO

The youngest baker of the competition certainly has a strong background with baking and the Greek influence could certainly show strength with his flavours. Michael could suffer from lack of practice as he’s still at university and has to balance his team with his baking, football and studying.

Candice – @CJ_Brownie

Candice Bake Off

Candice looks dedicated to her baking and a strong contender. Much like Andrew, her baking comes from her nan and we all know that this is a potent formula. Not much else is said about Candice’s baking in her bio however she loves vintage things so could we do some kitsch items and decorations make their way into the tent?

Rav – @RavSBansal


I think we could certainly see a few problems with Rav’s vegan baking when it comes to the technicals simply because the use of vegan substitutes changes how he bakes and uses certain ingredients so it will be interesting to see how Rav deals with that. However, I believe Rav will have strong flavours and his adventurous quality could work to his advantage!



Lee’s admission that he doesn’t veer from the norm could be troublesome in the tent, especially as the challenges have become more abstract in recent series like the Spanish Windtorte, the 3 tiered cheesecake or the Princesstarta! But with over 30 years of baking experience, this could play into his hands!

Selasi – @selasigb

Selasi GBBO

Selasi’s bio says he has a delicate touch despite his passion for motorbikes. I mean he even belongs to a Sunday Motorbike Club (sounds very similar to another Sunday club I know)! Just how will Selasi respond to the tent? I’m not too sure, there isn’t much to go on apart his delicate cupcakes, so unfortunately Selasi has to go at the bottom here.

So do you agree with me? What are your predictions for Bake Off 2016, who’s your winner and who do you think will eliminated in Cake Week? You can also read my predictions for the Cake Week challenges here and read the full bios of the bakers here.

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