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‘Spiced Chocolate Sultana’ and ‘White Chocolate Coconut’ Welsh Cakes

I received a package today from Beech’s Chocolate which contained 5 fantastic little chocolate bars, ranging from Lime and Chilli Dark Chocolate to Anglesey Sea Salt Milk Chocolate, as well as Chocolate Coconut Macaroons and Dark Chocolate Ginger Thins.


Beech’s Chocolate is a UK-based company which uses all natural ingredients to produce chocolates which are suitable for vegans as well as being gluten-free. Traditional and quality chocolates are being produced by a British chocolatier in Lancashire and have been since 1920.  You can find their full range here on their website.

I couldn’t wait to use their chocolate in my GBBO bake yesterday and I chose to use their Ginger Dark Chocolate to make Spiced Chocolate Sultana Welsh Cakes. Having a flatmate who is Welsh, I was told that I wasn’t making proper Welsh cakes because they had chocolate and spices in them but consider this a 21st century take on the Welsh cake! I based this recipe around the Beech’s Chocolate’s Ginger Dark Chocolate bar which I received.


I tried the chocolate on its own and the strong depth of the chocolate complimented the ginger well and although I couldn’t taste the ginger too strongly trying it at room temperature, the fragrance of ginger came alive when the Welsh cakes were cooking in the pan. I decided to compliment the chocolate by adding sultanas, ground nutmeg and cinnamon into the Welsh cake mixture.

But if you aren’t a fan of sultanas, you can also try making my White Chocolate and Coconut Welsh Cakes; it’s the same base recipe but instead you replace the chocolate, the spices and sultanas with white chocolate and desiccated coconut.


I’m yet to review the other 4 bars but as with every review, I do receive the products to review and receive no monetary payment to write these reviews. I have not been told to write falsely positive reviews and everything is my own opinion. I keep products after the review.

For the Welsh cakes:

225g self raising flour

90g margarine

45g granulated sugar

1 egg

For the White Chocolate and Coconut Welsh Cakes:

100g white chocolate, chopped into small cubes

2 tbsp desiccated coconut

For the Spiced Chocolate Sultana Welsh Cakes:

1 x 60g bar of Beech’s Ginger Dark Chocolate, chopped into small cubes

60g sultanas

¼ tsp ground nutmeg

¼ tsp ground cinnamon

Measure out the flour and margarine into a bowl and using your fingertips, rub the fat and flour together until it resembles breadcrumbs. Add the sugar, egg and the chocolate fillings. Use a table knife and a folding motion, where you lift around the edge of the bowl and cut through the middle, to bring the Welsh cake dough loosely together.

Pour out the dough onto a very lightly floured surface and knead the dough together with your hands. Roll out the Welsh cake dough to 5mm thickness and use a cookie cutter, a glass or wine glass (which is all we had available) to cut out rounds of the dough. Place them onto some parchment while you reroll the scraps of dough.

Cook the Welsh cakes in a lightly greased frying pan over a medium heat until both sides are golden brown; this will take around 2 – 3 minutes. The chocolate chunks will melt out of the sides and in the pan, just give the pan a quick wipe if the chocolate starts to burn.

Repeat with the remaining Welsh cakes. Traditionally Welsh cakes are finished with a sprinkling of caster sugar but I feel it doesn’t need it with the sweet chocolate already.



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