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Coconut and Red Bean Pudding (椰汁紅豆糕)

Chinese New Year is on its way and it’s the perfect time to try out today’s new recipe for your family and friends, it’s my Coconut and Red Bean Pudding (椰汁紅豆糕). Red beans (or azuki beans) are very common in Chinese and Japanese desserts. They have a mild but nutty flavour with a sweetness that… Continue reading Coconut and Red Bean Pudding (椰汁紅豆糕)

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Triple Layer Chocolate Drip Cake

Today’s recipe post marks the end of the Bake Off Bake Along for another year. I’m super proud that I have managed to bake along with all 10 weeks and that I have pushed myself to try new techniques such as the tangzhong method, yoghurt buttercream and mirror glazes. My Triple Layer Chocolate Drip Cake… Continue reading Triple Layer Chocolate Drip Cake

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Domed Princesstårta Tartlets

The ninth Signature of Bake Off 2019 was to make 8 identically decorated domed tarts. We saw Alice wow the judges with her Mocha Hazelnut and Orange Tarts and Rosie do the almightiest of comebacks in the Technical Challenge but in the end, it wasn’t enough for her as she become the tenth baker to… Continue reading Domed Princesstårta Tartlets

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Pistachio Castella Cake (開心果古早味蛋糕)

I’m carrying the theme of my last blog post of making recipes being inspired by videos that I watch on YouTube and testing them out. Today I’m taking inspiration from a video by a Korean ASMR cooking channel called ‘Cooking tree 쿠킹트리’. Now I’m not the biggest fan of ASMR videos however the cakes, desserts… Continue reading Pistachio Castella Cake (開心果古早味蛋糕)

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Trying Hercules Candy’s Peanut Brittle Recipe

I used to do a series on the blog sharing some of my favourite food related YouTube channels before recipe testing and developing. Food channels on YouTube are super common these days but there are always channels to discover that you can get hooked on straight away and Hercules Candy is one of them. I’m… Continue reading Trying Hercules Candy’s Peanut Brittle Recipe

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Matcha Cookies

The Great British Bake Off is back for another year and again I am not on it! That’s not going to stop me from baking however. This series begins with Biscuit Week for the first time in Bake Off history. Why this decision, honestly who knows but I’m not complaining because it gives me a… Continue reading Matcha Cookies

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Strawberry and Black Sesame Cookies

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a cookie recipe despite the fact they’re some of the most popular on the blog! I’ve often talked about how I used to find that making cookies was tricky with the resulting cookies ending up bland and tough but after a lot of trial and error, I’ve grown… Continue reading Strawberry and Black Sesame Cookies