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Quick Apple Lattice Pie

With the clocks going back last week, the winter nights are coming and nothing sounds more ideal than a slice of pie warm from the oven with cream or custard. I think that my Quick Apple Lattice Pie would make everyone happy!! I’m rapidly finding that this first term of my 2nd year of uni… Continue reading Quick Apple Lattice Pie


Salted Caramel Choux Buns

Choux pastry has grown to become one of my favourite pastries to make. It’s simpler in comparison to its shortcrust and puff cousins, you don’t need to roll it out and worry about overworking the pastry and what’s more, it’s also incredibly versatile, capable of making sweet and savoury bakes. Today I’m doing a sweet… Continue reading Salted Caramel Choux Buns


Halloween Cho-oooooh Buns

Choux pastry seems a bit daunting to make and I myself have often been put off making it after getting choux buns which turned out more like blinis. But after doing extensive reading into how to make choux pastry, I think I’ve finally managed to get the technique right and I get perfectly risen and… Continue reading Halloween Cho-oooooh Buns


Apple and Plum Turnovers

There’s nothing homelier and comforting than a pie especially when you add a filling with lots of autumnal flavours and warming spices and my Apple and Plum Turnovers are fitting with the change of weather. This is a fantastic way to use up those apples that you just don’t know what to do with and… Continue reading Apple and Plum Turnovers


Exploring Chocolate Tarts: Cremamocha Tart

The final chocolate tart in my series ‘Exploring Chocolate Tarts’ is my Cremamocha Tart; a shortcrust pastry base filled with a coffee flavoured smooth chocolate ganache. The coffee flavour comes from the addition of Camp Coffee, a chicory-based coffee flavoured essence which can be used in baking to produce a coffee flavour as well as… Continue reading Exploring Chocolate Tarts: Cremamocha Tart


Exploring Chocolate Tarts: ‘Nuts for Chocolate’ Tart

You might have seen my recipe for Dark Chocolate Teacakes using Mr Toms but I chose to reinvent the way in which I used it in a bit of an experiment to make my Nuts for Chocolate Tart. Mr Tom is essentially a peanut praline bar and so I decided to crush it up into… Continue reading Exploring Chocolate Tarts: ‘Nuts for Chocolate’ Tart


Exploring Chocolate Tarts: Bitter Chocolate Tart

The second of the chocolate tart recipes in my ‘Exploring Chocolate Tarts’ series is my Bitter Chocolate Tart. The shortcrust pastry base is filled with an intensely flavoured chocolate ganache-style mixture and is baked in the oven to set, giving it a smooth texture. The foundation of the filling is a ganache made with milk… Continue reading Exploring Chocolate Tarts: Bitter Chocolate Tart