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Giant Chocolate Doughnut Birthday Cake

Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here hasn’t it…?! I promised on my Instagram account that I would post the recipe for this chocolate cake which I made for my friend Shaun’s 21st birthday and here it is! I’ve been very active on Instagram recently and I’ve also put a lot of… Continue reading Giant Chocolate Doughnut Birthday Cake


Candy Crush Birthday Cake

It’s my birthday today woo!!!!!!! And this year I made my own birthday cake with the theme of Candy Crush. If you haven’t played Candy Crush before, it’s a simple swap and match game with different candies. As you progress through the game, the game gets increasingly more difficult and complex with the introduction of… Continue reading Candy Crush Birthday Cake


Lemon Celebration Loaf Cake

I came up with this recipe because I had a little bit of lemon curd left in the fridge and wanted to use it all up. Then I tasted some of the cake and was so surprised that it was the moistest, fluffiest and tastiest lemon cake I’d ever made. The cake had an amazing… Continue reading Lemon Celebration Loaf Cake

Food on Youtube

Food on Youtube : W/b 8th June 2014

Youtube is a hub for food channels and they are incredibly popular. With some channels having 2 million subscribers and many British foodies showing recipes on Youtube, I’d thought I’d find some of the foodie gems to share here with links. I’m subscribed to many food channels and they always post cracking recipes. It is… Continue reading Food on Youtube : W/b 8th June 2014