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Tangzhong Chinese Tear and Share Buns

The third signature challenge of Bake Off 2019 was to make a filled tear-and-share loaf. We saw Michael receive the first Hollywood Handshake with his Keralan Star Bread, which was inspired by his Indian roots. I have also been inspired by my roots and decided to combine some traditional Chinese bakery items with some Western… Continue reading Tangzhong Chinese Tear and Share Buns


Flapjack Chelsea Buns

This week saw Bread Week hit the Bake Off tent! With the Technical challenge to make 8 non-yeasted naan breads with garlic ghee cooked using the grill in 1 hour and the Showstopper challenge to make a tiered korovai cake, the bakers had it tough in Bread Week. We saw Rahul claim his second Star… Continue reading Flapjack Chelsea Buns


Classic Sultana and Apricot Teacakes

Teacakes always remind me of my primary school days when me and my mum used to go to the breakfast club before school and have a toasted teacake for 30p. Times have changed and the teacakes in the supermarket just don’t compare to freshly baked homemade teacakes, warm from the oven and with lots of… Continue reading Classic Sultana and Apricot Teacakes