Brown Sugar Milk Bread

This bread is inspired by a loaf of bread I saw when I was walking around some of the markets in London on a day out by myself. There’s something about having a day to yourself as you wander the streets on London hopping from different underground station to station and from line to line.… Continue reading Brown Sugar Milk Bread


Sabayon Celebration Cake

Whether you're searching for a luxurious dessert or something last minute for a very different Christmas dessert, I think I've got the recipe for you. This cake consists of a delicate, fluffy yet tasty brown sugar sponge sandwiched and coated in a creme mousseline filling, which is a pastry cream base lightened with whipped cream.… Continue reading Sabayon Celebration Cake


Decorated Shortbread Bunnies

Thanks to Two Little Fleas and Ruth Clemens at The Pink Whisk, a competition for food bloggers is being held in which we have to make an Easter inspired bake, and I couldn't resist having a go at With both simple and complex recipes on hand I felt some simple decorated shortbread Easter bunnies… Continue reading Decorated Shortbread Bunnies


Cinnamon Buns (without yeast)

Yeast is a very tricky micro-organism to work with in dough. Yeast is retarded by salt if they come into direct contact Yeast works well in warmer liquids but also works with colder liquids Yeast tends to rise less when inhibited by fruit, eggs or butter Therefore these cinnamon buns suit people like myself, who… Continue reading Cinnamon Buns (without yeast)