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Double Chocolate Chunk Brownies

This recipe was a true invention on the spot for when me and my flatmates were all craving brownies one night. I just needed something sweet and chocolaty and rich and sticky and brownies were the only solution. In the end, I came up with my Double Chocolate Chunk Brownies. I looked in my recipe… Continue reading Double Chocolate Chunk Brownies


Spiced Christmas Tree Cake

Christmas is most definitely on the way… how can you tell? Well I went into Tesco the other day and they played 8 Christmas songs in a row. It instantly put me in the festive mood so what better time to share my recipe for this Spiced Christmas Tree Cake. I found this Christmas tree… Continue reading Spiced Christmas Tree Cake


National Bundt Day: Pink Lemonade Drizzle Bundt Cake

Today is National Bundt Cake Day! Characterised by their intensely detailed shapes, bundt cakes have grown immensely in popularity with Nigella Lawson having 3 different bundt cake recipes in Simply Nigella and Paul Hollywood using the fleur-de-lis bundt tin for the Savarin technical challenge on Bake Off. Bundt tins can be fairly expensive for the… Continue reading National Bundt Day: Pink Lemonade Drizzle Bundt Cake


Mini Glazed Lemon and Almond Loaves

My Glazed Lemon Almond Loaf Cake has been one of my family's favourite cakes of mine and I'm always being nagged to make it. These little loaves use the same recipe except the smaller tins make this cake look incredibly dainty and perfect for when you want a small slice of cake with a cup… Continue reading Mini Glazed Lemon and Almond Loaves


Cornflake Streusel Cake: Revamped

This is a revamped version of the original Cornflake Crumble Cake but this version is much lighter and fluffier. A simple way to elevate any cake is by adding a streusel topping, a mixture of flour, butter and sugar almost like a crumble. My little twist on the classic streusel is to use Demerara sugar… Continue reading Cornflake Streusel Cake: Revamped


Snowy Mountain Mochaccino Cake

Inspired by the flavours of a mochaccino, I came up with this recipe for a Mochaccino Cake, a rich strongly flavoured yet delicate chocolate and coffee cake. I bake this cake in a gugelhupf tin which, when inverted and dusted liberally with icing sugar, gives the cake the appearance of a snowy mountain, hence the… Continue reading Snowy Mountain Mochaccino Cake


Peanut Butter Cake with a Chocolate Topping

Peanut butter is always a favourite with its rich smoothness working well with many other flavours. Whenever I make anything with peanut butter, I always like to celebrate both its smooth and crunchy counterpart, adding texture into all my peanut butter bakes. Here I create a smooth chocolate topping for the cake, which complements the… Continue reading Peanut Butter Cake with a Chocolate Topping