White Chocolate Cheesecake Easter Eggs

You might not be left with many Easter eggs by the end of this Easter weekend however I beg you to save a few of them to make my White Chocolate Cheesecake-filled Easter Eggs; you’ll finish them even quicker than the Easter egg itself! My choice of egg are the eggs that you might use… Continue reading White Chocolate Cheesecake Easter Eggs


Apple and Sultana Hot Cross Scones

Scones are a brilliant starting place for any beginner baker and homemade scones fresh from the oven are far superior to supermarket scones. I’ve given the classic scone a slight twist with the addition of apple and seeing as we’re in April and Easter is around the corner, I added a cross on top of… Continue reading Apple and Sultana Hot Cross Scones


Decorated Shortbread Bunnies

Thanks to Two Little Fleas and Ruth Clemens at The Pink Whisk, a competition for food bloggers is being held in which we have to make an Easter inspired bake, and I couldn't resist having a go at With both simple and complex recipes on hand I felt some simple decorated shortbread Easter bunnies… Continue reading Decorated Shortbread Bunnies