My Review of 2016

2016 was a tragic year for all, with the deaths of legends in the entertainment industry such as Victoria Wood, Carrie Fisher, George Michael, Sir Terry Wogan, David Bowie (and the list goes on and on!) and we also cannot forget about the huge changes in the futures of the UK with Brexit and the… Continue reading My Review of 2016


#fdbloggerfriends: A Year in Dinners

Here's the latest edition of #fdbloggerfriends featuring Lizi Beevor, who blogs at Lizi tweeted me interested about partaking in the series and I was happy to reignite the series. You can check out all of the past #fdbloggerfriends guest post by clicking here! I'm Lizi Beevor, and I blog at about food, recipes, restaurants and… Continue reading #fdbloggerfriends: A Year in Dinners

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Crunchy Cornflake Chicken Bites

One of the best things that I found during my #fdbloggerfriends series was the recipe from Jess and Josh Cook for their BBQ Honey Popcorn Chicken. We've thoroughly enjoyed it at home and I've made my own changes to the original recipe which you can find on I didn't have the ingredients to make… Continue reading Crunchy Cornflake Chicken Bites


#fdbloggerfriends: Life In Full Flavour

So the very successful #fdbloggerfriends series is continuing today with Sarah from Life in Full Flavour! It's been incredibly interesting to read Sarah's responses to the questions, which I have included, I am also a Professor Layton fan! Hello! I’m Sarah and I blog over at Life in Full Flavour: This is my first… Continue reading #fdbloggerfriends: Life In Full Flavour


#fdbloggerfriends: Don’t Boil The Sauce!

The fifth blogger who has taken part in #fdbloggerfriends is Jason from Don't Boil The Sauce, who hails from all the way down under! A Eurovision fanatic like me, I first found Jason when he baked his way through all the Technical Challenges from Bake Off and credit to him, I would not enjoy making… Continue reading #fdbloggerfriends: Don’t Boil The Sauce!


#fdbloggerfriends: Ink Sugar Spice

We're back with #fdbloggerfriends today and the lovely Lynn, who I met when we both went to the filming of An Extra Slice - you can read about my experience here - and we've been following each other of Twitter for ages! All of Lynn's bakes are FANTASTIC and my particular favourite is the Spiral… Continue reading #fdbloggerfriends: Ink Sugar Spice


#fdbloggerfriends: Food and Baker

Today on #fdbloggerfriends, we're handing over to Jessica and James aka Food and Baker. This dynamic duo are dedicated bloggers and vloggers, who are very dedicated to their blog. I'm very happy to have Jessica and James take part in #fdbloggerfriends! We are Jessica Bautista & James Baker, and together we run a London based… Continue reading #fdbloggerfriends: Food and Baker