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Tangzhong Chinese Tear and Share Buns

The third signature challenge of Bake Off 2019 was to make a filled tear-and-share loaf. We saw Michael receive the first Hollywood Handshake with his Keralan Star Bread, which was inspired by his Indian roots. I have also been inspired by my roots and decided to combine some traditional Chinese bakery items with some Western… Continue reading Tangzhong Chinese Tear and Share Buns

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Rum and Raisin Chocolate Biscuit Bars

The second Signature Challenge of Bake Off 2019 was to make 12 decorated chocolate biscuit bars. We saw many delicious looking creations on the show, my personal favourites were Michelle’s Bakewell Bars, Rosie’s Virgin Mojito Bars and Helena’s Witchy Fingers (mainly because they had matcha!!). I took inspiration from my favourite ice cream flavour, rum… Continue reading Rum and Raisin Chocolate Biscuit Bars

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Black Sesame and Matcha Angel Cake Slices

The first Technical Challenge of Bake Off 2019 was to make 6 of Prue’s Angel Cake Slices, a retro English cake.  Prue’s Angel Cake Slices consist of 3 layers of genoise sponge flavoured with lemon, raspberry and vanilla, sandwiched together with an Italian meringue buttercream and topped with feathered fondant icing. In my typical style,… Continue reading Black Sesame and Matcha Angel Cake Slices

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My Bake Off Predictions 2019

Bake Off is only two days away and I’m going to do something that I’ve not done for a while which is write some predictions for the series! In the past when I have done this, I have been completely wrong so let’s see if I can do better this year! Seeing as we’ve not… Continue reading My Bake Off Predictions 2019

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Homemade Garlic Pitta-style Flatbreads

Another year and another series of The Great British Bake Off is over. Rahul took the trophy and become the 9th winner of Bake Off. The series came to an odd end with some interesting challenges that perhaps didn’t showcase just how talented the bakers are with 12 signature doughnuts (6 iced and 6 filled),… Continue reading Homemade Garlic Pitta-style Flatbreads

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Mini (and cute) Matcha Cakes – ideal for Halloween!!

There’s only 1 more week of Bake Off this series – time has flown by! But before we knew the final 3 bakers, there were the three semi-final challenges to go first! The bakers had to make 24 signature madeleines in two different flavours, travelled to Italy for the complex 7-layered torta setteveli technical before… Continue reading Mini (and cute) Matcha Cakes – ideal for Halloween!!

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Kimchi Smørrebrød and Vegetarian Smørrebrød

The quarter-finals of Bake Off had the theme of Danish Week. But oh my goodness, was it full of absolute drama!! The signature challenge was to make a rye bread loaf and use that loaf to make 2 types of smørrebrød (Danish open sandwich). The technical challenge was to make 14 aebleskiver with a cinnamon… Continue reading Kimchi Smørrebrød and Vegetarian Smørrebrød