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Recreating Wagamama’s Chicken Teriyaki Donburi

I’m going to say that around 50% of people reading this typed in “Wagamama’s Chicken Teriyaki Donburi’ into a search engine and got to this blogpost. I’d also bet that you went onto Wagamama’s website and was disappointed at their recipe/guide on how to make it yourself at home – I know I certainly was!… Continue reading Recreating Wagamama’s Chicken Teriyaki Donburi


My Review of 2016

2016 was a tragic year for all, with the deaths of legends in the entertainment industry such as Victoria Wood, Carrie Fisher, George Michael, Sir Terry Wogan, David Bowie (and the list goes on and on!) and we also cannot forget about the huge changes in the futures of the UK with Brexit and the… Continue reading My Review of 2016


Romaine Lettuce Kimchi

In what could be described as the era of health food, I’m surprised that kimchi is still not widely eaten in the Western world at what seems to be the forefront of the clean eating trend. Avocados, chia seeds and courgette are the buzzwords when it comes to this trend yet kimchi is said to… Continue reading Romaine Lettuce Kimchi

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Korean Pork Belly with Japchae Noodles and Spinach Banchan

Banchan is the Korean word for side dish and you cannot have any Korean feast without having banchan. Banchan can range from dressed spinach salad to kimchi to beansprout salads to strips of nori seaweed but they do make the meal. That Korean classic, kimchi, is eaten with every meal and its sour spiciness goes… Continue reading Korean Pork Belly with Japchae Noodles and Spinach Banchan

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Hong Kong Day 11

For dinner tonight we went out with some close family friends for a Korean feast. Between the 11 of us, it came out to about £12 a head which when you consider just the amount of food we had eaten, it was very affordable. The dishes ranged from vermicelli noodles to bibimbap, from cheesy toppoku… Continue reading Hong Kong Day 11

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Quick Korean Kimchi

Korean food has become incredibly popular with chefs like Judy Joo making mainstream television programmes cooking authentic Korean food as well as opening a Korean restaurant in the heart of Soho. One of the staples of Korean cuisine is kimchi, a fermented cabbage side dish, however other vegetables such as cucumbers and spring onions are… Continue reading Quick Korean Kimchi