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Sweet Potato and Taro Tangzhong Buns

The seventh signature of Bake Off 2019 was to make 24 Festival Buns, buns that take on the theme of a festival or holiday from around the world. Henry got his tongue in a twist with his Kardemummabullar and we saw the grills being turned back on for the Sarawak showstopper challenge! I’m continuing to… Continue reading Sweet Potato and Taro Tangzhong Buns

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Sweet Potato Sago Pudding (番薯西米露)

3 of my last 4 recipe posts have all been Chinese recipes and we’re going to continue that trend with today’s new recipe post, which is for Sweet Potato and Sago Pudding (番薯西米露). This dessert soup is ideal for any season because it can be served fresh off the heat piping hot, gently warmed or even… Continue reading Sweet Potato Sago Pudding (番薯西米露)

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Food on Youtube : W/b 25th May 2014

Youtube is a hub for food channels and they are incredibly popular. With some channels having 2 million subscribers and many British foodies showing recipes on Youtube, I’d thought I’d find some of the foodie gems to share here with links. I’m subscribed to many food channels and they always post cracking recipes. It is… Continue reading Food on Youtube : W/b 25th May 2014