Bake Off 2019, Cakes

Black Sesame and Matcha Angel Cake Slices

The first Technical Challenge of Bake Off 2019 was to make 6 of Prue’s Angel Cake Slices, a retro English cake.  Prue’s Angel Cake Slices consist of 3 layers of genoise sponge flavoured with lemon, raspberry and vanilla, sandwiched together with an Italian meringue buttercream and topped with feathered fondant icing. In my typical style,… Continue reading Black Sesame and Matcha Angel Cake Slices


Homemade Wagon Wheels

We’ve seen the first episode of the ninth series of The Great British Bake Off already which means it’s time for me to bake along with the show. The first episode of the series was Biscuit Week and the challenge I chose to attempt was the Technical which was Wagon Wheels. I chose to invent… Continue reading Homemade Wagon Wheels


Classic Sultana and Apricot Teacakes

Teacakes always remind me of my primary school days when me and my mum used to go to the breakfast club before school and have a toasted teacake for 30p. Times have changed and the teacakes in the supermarket just don’t compare to freshly baked homemade teacakes, warm from the oven and with lots of… Continue reading Classic Sultana and Apricot Teacakes


Giant Homemade Jaffa Cake

We were all transfixed to The Great British Bake Off when Mary set them the challenge of making 12 Jaffa cakes. Whether it was making sure the cakes weren’t stuck to the tin or putting on the jelly the right way up, there were a lot of hurdles to overcome. But I’m giving it a go,… Continue reading Giant Homemade Jaffa Cake


My Review of 2016

2016 was a tragic year for all, with the deaths of legends in the entertainment industry such as Victoria Wood, Carrie Fisher, George Michael, Sir Terry Wogan, David Bowie (and the list goes on and on!) and we also cannot forget about the huge changes in the futures of the UK with Brexit and the… Continue reading My Review of 2016