Chinese Coconut Milk Pudding (椰汁糕)

One of my favourite sweet dim sum to have at yum cha is 椰汁糕 or Coconut Milk Pudding. It’s a very light little morsel of coconutty goodness and is also wonderfully refreshing but doesn’t require a lot of effort to make yourself at home either! To get the correct balance of coconut flavour, I use… Continue reading Chinese Coconut Milk Pudding (椰汁糕)

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Hong Kong Day 12

A new day in Hong Kong and we went to yum cha again in Fanling. We had some new dishes such as chicken feet in black bean sauce and taro dumplings and for the 7 of us, it came to $494; this means $70 a head, equivalent to under £6. This was incredibly affordable and… Continue reading Hong Kong Day 12

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Hong Kong Day 2

My second day started at 2:18am when I woke up after a mere 45 minutes sleep. Since then I wasn't able to get back to sleep and by that time, it was 3am and I took part in the weekly #fdbloggers chat and once that had finished, I was most definitely wide awake and unable… Continue reading Hong Kong Day 2


Steamed Malaysian Sponge Cake

It’s Mother’s Day, the day when all children give their mothers, and grandmothers, gifts to say thank you. Whilst it’s all good and well buying a bouquet of flowers or a massive box of chocolates, I think the best gifts are homemade, the ones that mean something to them and show love and care. I… Continue reading Steamed Malaysian Sponge Cake